View Full Version : Closed Various Amiga 2000 expansions, A2630, DataFlyer, Ram, Supragen 2000

3rd October 2012, 21:38
For sale are

Commodore A 2630 with 4 MB, Rev. 9.2 for 125USD Sold to iphilipps

DataFlyer Plus SCSI Card rev. 2.1 has IDE expansion capability, SOLD elsewhere

Expansion Systems DataFlyer Plus Memory Expansion Board with 4 MB
(boxed, this can be used as a separate or attached to a Dataflyer Plus SCSI/IDE Card 50 USD

SuperGen 2000s Genlock Card including software, manual, components, cable, I used its S-Video outputs to connect it to my TV 65USD


Amiga 2000 Keyboard 35 USD SOLD to Chipset

Paypal fees paid by buyer, shipping varies on what you want to buy, just ask.

Prefer shipping inside US, but will ship worldwide

8th October 2012, 01:31
declaring interest in the keyboard

9th October 2012, 01:58
PM sent

Shipped 10/15 !

29th October 2012, 03:43
Price change, first come first served!

18th November 2012, 07:34
Last pricechange for amibayers before epray

20th November 2012, 21:09
Is the A2630 still available? I'm interested if it is. Sending PM.

21st November 2012, 01:58
Paypal sent for A2630!

21st November 2012, 03:54
Payment received and A2630 will be shipped friday to iphilipps! Thanks!

19th February 2013, 03:37
Everything which has not been sold here has been sold outside Amibay !

Thanks for closing the thread :lol:

10th July 2013, 18:43
Went through my things and found one more item i want to sell

Dataflyer IDE which was sitting in storage, previously used in an Amiga 2000.

This is a halflength zorro2 card which enables the amiga 2000 or 3000 to use IDE Harddisks, CDroms, even DVDroms and Compact flash to IDE adapters

sorry no pictures until next month, if you need any you will need to wait !

100 USD plus shipping

looking for a an accelerator or scsi card for cdtv might be interested in a trade:whistle: