View Full Version : Closed A3000D 030@25MHz FPU 8MB FAST 4.3GB CD-ROM

5th October 2012, 16:02
I have for sale my A3000D. I put a bit of my heart into it and a lot of effort to bring her to present state (she was in very bad condition when I bought her). Unfortunatelly for her I focused on my A1200T / A1200D / A600 (basicly on small Amigas) so she has to go.

A3000 spec : CPU MC68030 + FPU at 25MHz, 2MB CHIP, 8MB FAST, 880kB FDD.

What I've done to her :

- removed battery (it was leaking when I got it so there is a sign ot it, motherboard was cleand up with isopropanyl alcohole);
- replaced all caps on mobo, doughterboard and PSU;
- changed some chips : Butser 11, Ramsey-04, WDC SCSI chip rev 16, Kickstart 3.1;
- changed HDD from 200MB to 4,3GB;
- added SCSI CD-ROM in external case;

But this one has of course some things to fix (due to age). In mouse port, one of pin is broken and mouse connector has to be well inserted. Otherwise mouse can work only in vertical directions or not work at all. Floppy drive is working well (read/write/format) but disks have to be well inserted otherwise floppy drive will not detect disk.

Price I'm asking is 500 EUR inc shipping (in EU rest of the world please ask). Payment by PayPal as a gift or +5% to cover paypal fee.

Pics will come later the day.

8th October 2012, 07:03
Price drop to 485 EUR. I'll also include older chpis that were replaced.

12th October 2012, 07:15
As I'll probably keep external CD-ROM I can sell this Amiga without it for 450 EUR.

If someone would like I can also swap HDD for original 200MB. In that case price would be 400 EUR.

12th October 2012, 19:13
Special weekend offer, as I have to rise some funds quickly I'll sell this Amiga for 350 EUR + shipping. I also put it for mouse port fix (replace by working one) and try to fix FDD issue. This offer is valid until the end of Sunday (14th October). After that price will return to 400 EUR + shipping.

18th November 2012, 22:14
All issues were fixed. Mouse port works very well, as well as floppy drive. I was testing this Amiga for few hours and have no problem with it.

Prices : 400 EUR with 200MB HDD / 450 EUR with 4,3GB HDD / 485 EUR with 4,3GB HDD and ext. SCSI CD-ROM.

19th November 2012, 16:05
Hi, where are You from exactly? Im from Skwierzyna.

10th December 2013, 10:06
Mods please close the therad. Item no longer for sale.