View Full Version : Wanted WTB: Tiger game.com games, Lynx games

7th October 2012, 23:30

i looking for some game.com games. So i have: Batman & Robin, Lights out, Indy 500, Williams Arcade Classics & Fighters Megemaix.
So i looking for all the other game.com games. Im looking for CIB games.
Specially im looking for Duke Nukem and Henry CIB

Lynx: Hyperdrome, T-Tris
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9th October 2012, 22:43
does no one wants to sell game.com games?

10th October 2012, 08:22
does no one wants to sell game.com games?

The recommended time period for a bump on a thread is three weeks.

Please try to relax and only bump your thread when the three weeks are up or when there is a significant change to the thread, i.e. price drop, item sold, interest expressed, etc.

Thanks, Dave G :cool:

10th October 2012, 12:14
oh is ok..