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10th October 2012, 10:03
Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 2.00GHz processor
60GB SATA hard drive.
1GB RAM (2 x 512MB modules)
ATI x1400 128MB dedicated graphics card – supports hypermemory (MXM Technology)
DVD-RW multi drive
Built-in 4-in-1 flash card reader
3 USB v2.0 ports
Firewire port
Screen now replaced - 15.4” Widescreen WXGA Glossy LCD display
Built in wireless LAN 802.11 b/g
Windows XP Home SP3
Ethernet port 10/100/1000
1 x S-Video port
1 x DVI port
1x Express card slot
Built in 56k modem
7.1 SPDIF sound
Built in stereo speakers
PSU included

I bought this laptop when I had the same model a couple of years ago as a donor machine, just in case I had issues with mine. I didn’t, and found this in the loft last week. I have fired it up and tested everything and it works perfectly!

There are some scratches to the lid, but nothing that affects the functionality of the laptop. The palm rest also has some wear to it, but this is not major and can be seen in the photos. Also, when powering it up for the first time the screen had a few thin vertical lines to the right hand side. I had a spare screen so I put that in and it was fine for about half an hour. That has now developed a 1 pixel wide vertical blue line on the right hand side too. I have now replaced that screen and all works well :)

This particular laptop has an MXM graphics card in it (ATi x1400) and can actually be replaced/upgraded should you wish. I have replaced the standard Fujitsu-Siemens firmware with an Alienware BIOS so that you can run the machine with up to 4GB of RAM instead of the FS limited BIOS which only allows a max of 2GB when running an ATI/AMD video card with less than 256MB.

From owning this laptop in the past I know it can be run with an ATi HD3650 graphics card or the nVidia GT8600M or the 9600M GT and also various cards in between. If you go with the HD3650 you can run 4GB of RAM, but not with the nVidia cards. Basically this laptop was also sold as an Alienware M5550i R3 (I think, from memory). So with the flashed BIOS it is basically an Alienware. If you want to go the whole hog, I have the Alienware casing (from memory this was virtually brand new and unmarked) from the aforementioned laptop as I was going to re-house mine and never got around to it. If you’re interested in this let me know and we can have a chat ;o) I can do all this work for you, including sourcing and adding the graphics card as I did this to my own. We can discuss this if you want to go for the work!

I'll now include a new PSU to go with the laptop so you can be up and running right out of the box!

140 inc. P&P to the UK. Overseas, please ask!

This is a cheap price for a fast deal, so don't hesitate!

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.

Pictures this afternoon.

10th October 2012, 20:01
Pictures now added. I used a different hard drive to test the machine with Vista installed. As you can see the line, which has now gone purple, is quite visible on a black screen, less so on the desktop and virtually invisible on notepad.

Feel free to ask any questions :)

12th October 2012, 00:09
*offer expired*

14th October 2012, 09:48
Price drop!

19th October 2012, 00:27
Now with free UK postage!

19th October 2012, 08:22
So 140 with the screen fixed, how much for it converted to the alienware case/bios and with the best graphics card it can take? And with 4gb ram.

21st October 2012, 13:51
@ Ratfink - If I can use parts that I have, including a 256MB HD3650 with DDR3 RAM, I could do it all for 200. If I have to source an alternative card it would add to that price.

Realistically, with 4GB of RAM the HD3650 256MB card is the best available for a reasonable cost. I used my own Pi1536 for about 2 years in that config and it never missed a beat and handled averything I threw at it. If you're interested I can upload some pics of a previous conversion I did on an Amilo M3438G so you can see roughly how it would look. I will have to check the parts I have include the alienhead as I think from memory that they were new parts and thge head was extra. If you're interested I'll dig them out.

If you let me know via PM we can discuss. :thumbsup:

22nd October 2012, 12:39
Thanks for the answers. Been looking up the specs and upgrade options - I was thinking of getting a laptop for one of my kids to play wow on but this would need a faster cpu and might still not satisfy him. I'll pass.

11th November 2012, 19:02

28th November 2012, 19:37
SCreen now replaced (again! :roll:) and working perfectly. Alienware BIOS has also been added to the machine to allow for greater flexibility for RAM and future graphics card upgrades.

Price altered and description amended to reflect changes.

28th November 2012, 22:18
Just fyi that running Windows7 after the Alienware biosflash works fine even on 2Gb ram.

These are pretty nice machines but i would recommend a heat-sinc fix on the gfxcard (MXM forum) to avoid screen problems due to overheating.

Good luck with the sale !

8th December 2012, 14:20
I have now upgraded the CPU to a Core 2 Duo T7200 2.00Ghz part. Initial post updated :thumbsup:

8th December 2012, 14:23
Possible interest, Pm'd

8th December 2012, 14:25
PM replied :thumbsup:

10th December 2012, 21:12
Deal has been reached with Amigafanboi :thumbsup: please mark as reserved pending collection and payment

15th December 2012, 15:31
Paid for and seller was kind enough to drop it off to me...top bloke!

Leaving feedback.

7th January 2013, 19:25
Feedback now left for Amigafanboi - sorry it's late :oops: