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10th November 2009, 22:02
Pretty sure this one is also gone

The shadow of the third moon,

high end voxelengine based on a new 3dTIS engine
digital soundtrack cdda direct from cd
advanced enemy intelligence
6 different campaignsand up to 48 missions
absolute realistic flight feeling with amazing gameplay

system requirements
amiga os3 cpu 68EC030 25MHz 4MB RAM CDrom drive 13MB free HD space, AGA of GFX board (1MB chipram is needed to play sound)

recommened OS3.1 68040 25MHz or faster, 8MB free fastram 4x cdrom drive, fast GFX board.

3D flight simulator type game.

Published 1998 by titan computer
review: http://www.goodolddays.net/0_0_0_0_1_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_0_en_0_462_show_2007__0_0/

17th December 2009, 18:55
Still available.

17th December 2009, 23:17
Love to grab it, but CD media is a live target for Brazilian customs (damned ba****s!).

Everything that comes in CD/DVD media adds a huge indecent tax over it.:banghead:

20th December 2009, 13:19
There are 2 options, i send it as a paded envelope (6.3) and you hope customs won't notice it, or i can send it as a packet with a declared insured value in which case the shipping will be higher, duties are sure to be added, but i suspect only on the declared value (19.4, but it look like the minimun insured value is 250; it's 9.4 without insurance) .

So are you interested ?

20th December 2009, 14:08
Sorry, I'll not give customs a chance. Too much bad experiences before.