View Full Version : Closed K-Tel Vision Spider Maze for Atari 2600. V.Rare!

15th October 2012, 13:59
I am sure there's alot of overuse of the word "rare" even here on AmiBay but this is undoubtedly scarce. Rated 9/10 "Extremely Rare" on AtariAge.

This comes boxed with the cart only. Box has been worn in certain areas over time but is in pretty decent nick considering it's age and still retains it's shape. The cart is fine and working though the label has had some of what they call "actiblack" but it's not as bad as most that are found these days.

Asking 120 + Insured postage.


Link to some info on the game: http://www.atariage.com/software_page.html?SoftwareID=2220

21st October 2012, 15:46
Sold elsewhere. Who knew I had such a valuable and thought after game? I certainly didn't! :)