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11th November 2009, 17:45
The new Members Feedback system is now installed and working.

Viewing Feedback Summary

To view the main Feedback summary page go to the Community menu and select iTrader. This gives a summary of all Feedback ratings on the site.

View your own Feedback

To view your own Feedback, go into your profile (Click your username in the top right notifications box, or go to the Quick Links or User CP menu and select "Your Profile"). Once in your Profile go to the "Feedback" tab.

View full Feedback Profile

A more detailed Feedback page also exists. Access this from the Feedback tab in your profile by clicking on the "View full profile for xxx" link.

The same is true if you wish to view the Feedback for any other member.

Feedback scores are also shown under each member's Avatar in posts, and when viewing the Membership List page.

To leave other members Feedback

To leave someone feedback you can access the correct page in a number of ways.

When within the forums you can click on the Feedback score number under the person's name whom you wish to leave feedback for.

Alternatively you can go to the member's profile, to their Feedback tab, and click on the "View full profile for xxx" link.

Once viewing a member's full Feedback profile you will see a link to "Submit Feedback for xxx". Click this to leave Feedback for this member.

When leaving Feedback.

Most of the things you need to fill in for leaving Feedback are self explanatory.

You must post the complete URL/weblink of the Thread where the sale took place when leaving your Feedback. You can also only leave Feedback for threads that are located in the Buying, Selling or Recycle Bin areas of the site. It will refuse you otherwise.

If you have any problems or questions about the Feedback system, please post them in the Feed Back forum.

Old Feedback from the old phpbb3 forums

All existing member Feed back scores from the old phpbb3 forums will be added to your profiles as soon as I get time. So don't worry, you will get your scores back.

12th November 2009, 16:39
For the most part it's pretty obvious what type of Feedback should be left for buyers and sellers, however, sometimes different members have different ideas about what positive, neutral and negative feedback means.

Therefore here is a very quick run through on when you should leave each type of feedback.

Positive Feedback = A Successfully transaction has been completed. (Money was sent by the buyer and the item was received from the seller).

Neutral Feedback = When a non-completed transaction took place, and both parties agreed to dissolve the transaction. Or if a transaction finally concluded successfully, but after mediation.

Negative Feedback = If the buyer didn't send the money, if the seller didn't send the item, if the item was not as described.

However, please always try to resolve such situations between yourself and the other party before leaving negative feedback. If you can come to an agreement to settle any problems with a transaction, then neutral feedback would be preferable. Negative Feedback should only be a last resort if something very bad went wrong with a transaction. Please always try to get advice and help from the Amibay staff before reaching this point.