View Full Version : Closed Alt and F5 keys for (black) CDTV keyboard and/or swap DE for US keys

16th October 2012, 16:46
I've just bought a German layout CDTV keyboard, but the Alt and F5 keys are missing, and have been replaced with regular beige ones (see picture). I hope someone can provide me with replacements!

Also, since I prefer a US keyboard layout, I'm interested in swapping the keys for the German layout ones. The keyboard is still a bit dirty on the picture, but I'll give them a thorough cleaning before even thinking of sending them out to someone else ;)

14th November 2012, 09:23
Bump! Anyone who has some spare black keys?

10th December 2012, 13:51
Still looking for black Alt-Alt-F5 keys (is that even a key combination? :))

Also still interested in swapping the black German keys for black US layout keys. Anyone?

4th February 2013, 07:50
Still looking!

18th April 2013, 18:54
Bump. Will consider paying a small reward for the missing keys!

25th April 2013, 14:47
Closed on request.