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31st October 2012, 15:37
I'm looking for a motherboard for my Spectrum 128K +2 (Grey). I'm based in Spain. Thanks!!

31st October 2012, 20:52

What type of +2 ?

are you looking for the 128k +2 that came in the (grey) chassis or the +2A/B that came in the black chassis.

The reason I ask is that they are substantially different.

The former 128k +2 (Grey) has only 32K ROM and a ULA, the latter has a 64K ROM and a hybrid ASIC.

Memory contention model is also different between the two. because of this - without a lot of fussing about the latter wont load early games like JetPac as the ROM is different

31st October 2012, 20:57
Apologies, I forgot to specify! It's the grey model. I'll update the description!. Thanks

31st October 2012, 22:12
What is wrong with your current board? Maybe someone here can help with that?

8th November 2012, 15:23
hey, you are right, I am a bit busy due work commitments and did want to play some games asap. :) not sure what the issue on my board might be, but I get a scrambled video signal

14th November 2012, 23:54
still searching, really want to play some Spectrum games. I can always repair the board later :)

6th December 2012, 22:56
Mods can close the thread. I have opened a different one here: http://www.amibay.com/showthread.php?t=38078