View Full Version : GVP SCSI, ROM images and Ralph Babel

16th November 2009, 21:05
So, to further my experiments in trying to make an A2000 and Apollo 2030 to work with a GVP Impact SCSI card, I thought I'd consider upgrading the firmware images to see if that helps. I notice that Ralph Babel has a bunch of firmware images for these type of card, but I'd need suitable (E)EPROMs to burn the images to.

Firstly, does anyone know what type of (E)EPROM I'll need? Indeed, does anyone here have any suitable chips they can sell me (I have access to an EEPROM programmer at work)

Secondly, does anyone have any advice on these ROM images and their compatibility? I know that one card uses 'gvpscsi.device' whereas the other (older) one uses something called 'scsidev.device'

As ever, all advice greatly appreciated. :)