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6th November 2012, 16:27
Last of my items to go, a very nice condition grey Sega Saturn, no yellowing at all, comes with new battery and 2 controllers, av cable, psu cable and games, the games are all boxed with manuals:

Slam Dunk Manga Basketball
Puyo Puyo Sun
Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Virtua Fighter

I'm looking for 49.00 plus shipping. Pictures to follow.

6th November 2012, 22:52
I might be interested pending pictures...
Already have a brand new in box Hi-Saturn but I wouldn't mind a grey one...

6th November 2012, 23:28
Ok I'll get the photos uploaded soon, just woke up lol

7th November 2012, 12:59
Declaring interest depending shipping costs to Belgium!

7th November 2012, 13:41
Ok will weigh up and give you a price.

8th November 2012, 01:06
Ok Dragonheart is first in line and then Highcattle second, I have checked the rates and they are:

Belgium/Europe/UK - SAL 2 Weeks 39.00

Belgium/Europe/UK - Surface 2 to 3 months 25.00

If you are not in a rush I do recommend Surface as it is very reliable from Japan and it usually arrives within 2 months.

8th November 2012, 02:36
Thanks for the pictures - I'm passing on this, unfortunately.

8th November 2012, 02:43
No worries :) well its available for Highcattle if he would like it.

12th November 2012, 00:49
Highcattle had to drop out so its still available. 😊

21st September 2013, 09:46
How much for shipping to the US? 45891
Thanks! Eric

28th September 2013, 03:54
Sorry I think either I have sold it already or lost it in the move lol

If a mod could close this thread, that would be great.