View Full Version : Closed New in Box "Cartooners" by Electronic Arts for the IIGS

9th November 2012, 03:50
Up for sale is one only Mint Condition, New in Box, factory shrink wrapped copy of the Electronic Arts movie making software for kids, Cartooners.

For the Apple II GS computer.

Software and Manual as a pdf is on line at http://www.whatisthe2gs.apple2.org.za/cartooners

RAM Requirement: 1 meg RAM
Release Status: Abandonware
Year: 1988
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developers: ITDA
System 6 Compatible: Yes
Hard Drive Installable: Yes

Screen shot from website.


Picture of the actual item.



Price for item $100 Canadian dollars plus shipping.

For example CanadaPost Small Packet™ - International Air (http://www.canadapost.ca/tools/pg/manual/PGsmpack-e.asp)

this item in a box weighing 370 grams measuring 1.75 x12 x 9 inches

Shipping from Canada to the UK costs $18.00 Canadian dollars. Includes $100 insurance. See CanadaPost website for delivery standards, but since an aircraft is involved it should be fast. They say 6 - 10 days but don't look for it for 10 days in my experience. You can specify any shipping you desire, surface is cheaper but that included ships, maybe sails, expect a long wait.

I'll wait a bit before listing it on ebay.