View Full Version : Request A4000 refurbishing

9th November 2012, 17:37
I did ask it before but I did wipe the responses in my mailbox about this so please make your offers again.

I bought an incomplete A4000 together with a working one, previous owner told me that he used the PSU for the working one after that one died but the machine was otherwise working. I have no reason for not believing him but it was on the attic for a lot of years and there is battery damage.

I'm not going to test it, I rather send it to someone who can check for possible problems and refurbish it so I can use this as a base to build myself a good A4000 that will work for many years to come.

I want new caps, coin battery, maybe pio upgrade if possible and whatever is needed.

Thanks for looking !

12th November 2012, 10:00

I can recap and change SIMM sockets but if the board has battery damage, have a word with Adrian - hikey on here.

He offers an exchange on 4000 board, drop him a pm.