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19th November 2009, 05:47
I finally bought a copy of OS3.9 from a friend of mine who had a copy. I installed it on my fun A4000D (A joy to switch back and forth between the 3640 and the 060 card let me tell you...) which took a little bit of work. Now I have a Sunrize AD516 card and I have found the driver for AHI for it and I wanted to install it and see how it works. Unfortunately when I follow the instructions for the installation I get first the error message of cannot open OpenPCI.library. Okay searched around and found out what caused that. removed the Creative Labs EMU10K2 stuff as I don't have one of those in there. No problem. Try to load AHI, then I get unable to open mui.something. Okay being the fool that I am I downloaded the demo of the latest MUI available for 68K. I installed it. Next I started getting error messages at boot of ERROR: Cannot open diskfont.library V38 so I went into the libs folder to check the version of my diskfont.library. Highlight then right click for information, nothing happens. Okay so starting over from scratch on the drive again. Now before I start to reinstall AHI, is there any tips anyone can give me to make certain I don't screw this up again? Thanks in advance.


19th November 2009, 14:16
Check if diskfont.library is ----rwed.

Kin Hell
19th November 2009, 16:31
@ Nathan

Have you installed both BoingBag (http://os.amigaworld.de/index.php?lang=en&page=12) updates?


19th November 2009, 21:33
I haven't installed the boing bag updates as I don't know exactly where to find them. As to the what the attributes are for the files are moot, because as I found out after posting about the diskfont.library I couldn't use the information tool on the the Bench partition at all. The whole partition is essentially locked down. I don't know what happened. So, I repartitioned and reformatted twice last night. I still don't know what happened. As it stands it's working right now, but I don't know how long that will last. Kinda sad to note with the 060 populated with 32 megs of RAM I'm only posting speeds at 2.03 versus a standard A4000/40. If you can let me know where the boing bag updates are located I will get them as well. Thanks for the help.

19th November 2009, 22:00
Download them from our primary greek forum:



First install BoingBag #1, make a reboot and then install BoingBag #2.

19th November 2009, 23:21
Thanks for the links will download now and get over to the Amiga. Interesting to note the second time it locked down the Bench Partition, I hadn't installed AHI v6.0. Turns out that the rudiments of AHI 4.0 are already in OS3.9? As I just installed the system files from 4.0 and then the driver for AD516 card and it was fine. Now all I need to do is find something that uses it..


20th November 2009, 05:05
AHI 6 is will make no good for your 68k Amiga. It is most intended for PPC and emulation machines (Amithlon/AROS/Icaros).

20th November 2009, 19:54
Due to the problems with AHI v6.0 I just installed v4.0 because some of it is already in place on 3.9 The AHI system works and the AD516 card works I just don't have any games to use it on or how to set it up to default to the soundcard rather than Paula Still the studio software that came with it is really neat as to what you can do with it.

20th November 2009, 19:59
Use the AHI Prefs to test it. I think there is a button to test the sound.

21st November 2009, 01:16
IIRC, only Hippo Player and other musical programs wil use the soundcard via AHI. MP3 players can take advantage of it, too.

21st November 2009, 01:19
HippoPlayer? Whoa m8, where did you dig this up? It was my favourite mod player back in the days.:thumbsup:

21st November 2009, 03:41
Because it is still one of the best players? I have it installed on my low-end machines. :)

25th November 2009, 06:52
A few of the last games support AHI, but probably need a PPC. Wipeout 2097, Crossfire II, Pictris, Command and Conquer Red Alert (fan port) and Ultima VII Part 1 and 2 (fan port) all support AHI.

25th November 2009, 14:35
Again: Genetic Species will run even on a 030/50MHz (slowly, of course) and have AHI and RTG support.