View Full Version : Closed Spectrum flash loader

21st November 2012, 19:24
as per title

I know someone on here does them, I want to buy one!

It fits a compact flash card and instantly loads games on the speccy!

21st November 2012, 19:56
i presume you want a divide interface. these work like a dream. you can go straight to lothareks site with a quick google search. hope this helps.:D

21st November 2012, 21:10
Depending on your Speccy model you could give Zetro a shout about his internal IDE interface.

21st November 2012, 21:28
@ BamberO

It's Zetr0 you need.


21st November 2012, 23:10
i know you said Zetro in the PMs Merlin, but hes proving harder to get to than the president of the USA!!

21st November 2012, 23:12
Keith (Zetr0) is a very busy man in the middle of setting up his own business and getting over a major flood in his house :(

I'm sure he'll get to your PM soon.

What speccy do you have?

22nd November 2012, 17:08
a 128k +2 Steve