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23rd November 2009, 10:35

I am looking for a _good_ disc cataloging software for windows, so I can catalog the files of my cd/dvd's and various hdd's that have archived software in them.. I remember I had a GREAT program some years ago, that made databases of the files in each media. The special thing about it , was that you had the option to integrate in the offline databases filetypes that you wanted, so you could have all *.txt/nfo's/whatever files you needed to look in the database and you could actually open and see them without having the actual media in the computer... Unfortunately I cannot remember it's name :Doh: and my searches proved futile...

Anyone has any program recommendations ? Thanks! :bowdown:

23rd November 2009, 12:51
I suggest you look up ZipCat Pro. I have used this for a long time to catalogue what's on my discs and it's very easy to use.

23rd November 2009, 13:04
Thanks for the suggestion Merlin, I got it but I did not see an option to save user defined files in it's database...
In a Greek forum someone suggested WhereIsIt (http://www.whereisit-soft.com) that does actually many stuff, including grabbing certain files in it's database... not as easy as the program I remember, but unless I find something else I will register it...

24th November 2009, 18:49
I was going to suggest Whereisit to you, but I see you have already discovered it. Very good software for cataloguing any collection.

24th November 2009, 22:00
true Harrison, and I have it registered it yesterday! works perfect and has a very hight level of customization too!