View Full Version : Wanted Sega Saturn Gun and 3D Controller

30th November 2012, 12:34
As title says,

Looking for a light gun and 3d analogue controller (for Nights into Dreams)


17th January 2013, 16:21
iv got a predator light gun and nights 3d controller . :)
im selling both for 30 + postage

17th January 2013, 18:27
i may have a 3rd party gun knocking about - i know i have one in a box but cant remember if its one of those thats both ps1 and saturn, if its saturn comptible i'll let you know

17th January 2013, 18:36
can't really afford 30 at the moment thanks for the offer Chris

If the third party one is ps1 and saturn compatible that would be a big advantage for obvious reasons Steve!

17th January 2013, 19:09
my predator gun is ps1 and saturn compatible , comes in the outer box aswell.:p do the gun for 15 posted !

17th January 2013, 19:44
Is there anything in my clearout thread that you'd fancy to swap or use as part payment?

17th January 2013, 19:55
not sure how to find it !

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ah found it now , to be honest theres a lot i like ! but im also having a major clear out if you check my threads , im getting rid of stuff to make some space. gets to the point where u cant move lol. :lol:

17th January 2013, 20:14
I'd be happy to swap something for both the gun and 3d controller?

17th January 2013, 20:49
see im wanting 50 for the 3d controller and nights , didnt really want t split them , iv got about 80 saturn games for sale . honestly im trying to slim down my consoles and games...:roll: cheers for the offer tho .

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if youd send me the zelda gameboy game il send you the predator gun for 10 ?:thumbsup:

17th January 2013, 20:57
if youd send me the zelda gameboy game il send you the predator gun for 10 ?:thumbsup:

you've got the wrong thread mate. Thats not mine!

17th January 2013, 21:04
Hi Bamber, I have a white 3D controller, fully working, there are some marks on it but no cracks/damage.

I would like 15 + P&P

17th January 2013, 21:43
ha sorry BamberO (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?u=6844) thought that was your stuff for sale , must have been a thread you commented on , anyway hows 13 for the gun delivered.