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30th November 2012, 14:41

I have a Voodoo 5 PCI here I used to use on my A1200 with Mediator before going back to Voodoo 3 and Radeon 9250.

This card is a little flakey, sometimes it wasn't detected. I susspect maybe a cold solder joint on the molex connector but of course it could be something more serious. For this reason I'm selling as spares/repairs although last time I used it with an A4000 & Mediator it worked fine, so go figure!

It's bagged up at the moment but you can see a couple of pics from my old thread:



As you can see the fans have been replaced with large heatsinks, this is how the card came to me.

I'm looking for 25 + P&P - I'd rather send in UK due to seasonal delays, but if you want to take it at 'your risk' overseas that would be ok, claims for loss can take 90 days after you already wait 30 days before you can claim so bare that in mind!

Thanks for looking.

3rd December 2012, 12:27
Price drop to 20 + P&P :thumbsup:

5th December 2012, 14:38
Declaring interest! :D

6th December 2012, 13:37
Sold to F2bnp :thumbsup:

Will post today :)

3rd March 2013, 16:54
Feedback done both sides & thread closed :)