View Full Version : Request Someone to Retr0bright some cases for me

1st December 2012, 22:41
Hey all, I was wondering if someone would be willing to give some cases the Retr0bright treatment for me?
I've had a look and I don't feel confident messing with potentially dangerous chemicals!

I'd need the following treated:
2x C64 breadbin cases
2x C64C cases
1x VIC-20 case

I will gladly pay for your time, costs and return postage.

2nd December 2012, 11:00
Go to your local chemists and buy some BBlonde hair lightener; it's just about goof-proof and it's a lot safer to use than hydrogen peroxide.

The original Retr0bright was a proof of concept and evidence that the chemistry behind the process was sound. Most people use BBlonde these days and I wish I was on commission for the extra sales that they have gained from this discovery.

2nd December 2012, 11:06
So would I just substitute the hydrogen peroxide for BBlonde and follow the receipe as normal?

2nd December 2012, 11:11
No need to mix anything, you just use the Bblonde neat on the plastic.
Best to apply with a small paint brush, then wrap in cling film or similar and leave out in the sun.
I have done a few things with very good results.

Its a very simple process, but remember to use gloves as it does sting a bit if you get in your skin.

2nd December 2012, 11:16
Thanks for your help guys. Hopefully I can turn my breadbins back from the rather manky shade of brown they are at the moment!

ETA: Since sunlight is at a premium at this time of year, a UV light should achieve the same effect yes?

2nd December 2012, 11:27
I've not had any experience with U/V but what I've read in the past seemed to be mixed reuslts.
Sunlight does definitely work though :) Just remember to leave it out as long as possible, and check every few hours to make sure the Bblonde hasn't evaporated, and recoat where necessary.