View Full Version : Closed A couple of 2-8GB 50-pin SCSI drives

2nd December 2012, 04:49
I need a drive or two for my new VAXStation, as the one I was going to use is making clicking noises that do not bode well. From what I'm told, the computer isn't too picky about SCSI standards, so anything with a 50-pin connector ought to be fine. However, from what I read, it sounds like it might not be able to use anything over 8GB flat, so I'd prefer to buy drives at or under that point.

Anybody got any spares?

17th December 2012, 00:51
i have 2 4330mb ibm scsi drives (DCAS-34330) with hd68f (scsi3) connectors, adapters can be arranged for 50 pin.

Regards, marco

17th December 2012, 01:06
Do you have 68-to-50 adapters to go with them?