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26th April 2008, 22:14
Hello there my fellow AmiBayer's,

To help our members with finding affordable postal services we decided to open this thread for links to services that members have used and rate well.

Please try and give a review of the service along with your link, something out of 5 or 10 but please make note of any problems and if they were resolved. also include if the service was insured.


AmiBay do not officially recommend or endorse any of the following links. Information is provided for informational purposes only.

That being said, should that you use any service linked to here, it is entirely at your own risk. AmiBay will not be liable or responsible in any way should the items not arrive, become damaged or result in your divorce, and or the need to sacrifice small animals, etc.

The use of any of the linked services is entirely on your own shoulders.

please note that all links will be reviewed by the staff and this thread may be removed at any time

so to begin (alphabetically)

AmTrak - Company is no longer trading
City Link (http://www.city-link.co.uk/default.php)
DHL (http://www.dhl.co.uk/publish/gb/en.high.html)
Parcel2Go (http://www.parcel2go.com/)
Parcel2Ship (http://www.parcel2ship.co.uk/)
Royal Mail (http://sg.royalmail.com/portal/rm/PriceFinder?catId=23500532&gear=pricingcalc)[/*:m:2cmyskyi]

Again, all the above are NOT endorsed or recommend by AmiBay.