View Full Version : Type of Ram for a Cyberstorm MKII?

27th November 2009, 14:39
Can a Cyberstorm MKII take single or double sided ram, or does it require single sided?

27th November 2009, 14:43
I have the same accelerator board, and my four memory modules are single-sided though.

Kin Hell
27th November 2009, 14:48
Either or. Depends how much you're wanting to fit. 32mb are DS.


27th November 2009, 14:50
For some reason I installed 2x32MB modules, but Amiga sees them as 2x16!

Kin Hell
27th November 2009, 14:56
Some accelerators don't like SIMMS with parity & vice versa. For an exact solution Harrison, go & read the Cards .PDF manual from here.


I'm sure you will find the relevant material.

@ Phantom

It's probably the kind of ram you used. The CSMKII can address 128Mb of Ram & the only way possible with 4 x SIMMS is to use Double Sided 32Mb SIMMS. Afaik, you don't need to populate the CSMKII with every other slot as you do on the CSMKIII & PPC cards. You could try slot 1 & 3 to see if that resolves it for you. I would always suggest using matched parts too, but again, would not have thought that an issue with the CSMKII.


27th November 2009, 17:28
@Kin. Cheers for the manual link. However I had already looked at that and it mentions that you can use either 32-bit or PC 36-bit SIMMs up to 32MB, but it doesn't mention anything about single or double sided.

Were all 32MB double sided then?

Kin Hell
27th November 2009, 18:18
Yes m8, they usually are. I've never seen a single sided 32Mb 72pin SIMM & afaik, they were always Double Sided. :unsure:

36Bit SIMMS are still 32 Bits wide, but the extra 4 Bits are for Parity Checking.


27th November 2009, 22:07
My Mk II has 2 x 32 MB and 2 x 4 MB. The 32's are both physically and logically double sided.