View Full Version : Closed A4000 mobo, A3000D for CV64, CVPPC, DENEB

10th December 2012, 18:01
Hey guys/gals,

I have an A3000D and A4000D mobo which have both just been fully recapped, buster 11, coin battery, pio2 on the a4k, int2 on the a3k. Problems: a3k needs 3.1 roms (I'll have these shortly) and zip ram (I'll have this shortly), a4k won't see any fast ram but chip ram works. No idea why :huh:

I'd really like a Cybervision 64 (4mb, passthrough cable, NOT 3d) and/or a CybervisionPPC. I would also be interested in a DENEB.


Pics to follow.