View Full Version : New UBoot firmware for SAM440ep and Flex

27th November 2009, 22:46
Acube Systems announced a new firmware update of UBoot. The one that catched my eye is the support of a Radeon HD 2400 graphics card. As far I've seen those cards are only PCI-Express right? How they will work on a standard PCI slot on SAM then? Or do they work?

28th November 2009, 01:41
There was a PCI version of the ATI Radeon 2400 256MB card released. So that is probably the one to use with the SAM.

One make/model was the Visiontek Radeon 2400 Pro 256MB PCI card.

28th November 2009, 01:43
Thanks Harrison. A quick search on the other bay revealed to me only PCI-E. I think that this card is getting rare now...

28th November 2009, 02:02
I doubt that many of the PCI version were sold compared to PCI-E, so they will be harder to find. Why can't they add AGP or even PCI-E to newly created hardware? Would make things much easier. The number of AGP graphics cards I have sitting in boxes unused could actually be put to some use.

28th November 2009, 02:04
Exactly. I really sit down sometimes and bethink why they don't produce a normal motherboard, so we can use up2date cards, and not hunting again for oldies. :mad: