View Full Version : Sold 8x 16mb 30Pin Simms + FREE! Fastlane Z3 O_o

12th December 2012, 15:21

I'm selling a matched set of 8x 30pin 16mb Simm (total 128mb)

These are ideal for the Fastlane Z3 which I am including for FREE :o

Why Free? Well the Fastlane came to me for Free and since I've not used it in some time it would be unfair to keep it and equally unfair to profit from it.

The Simms are for sale for 150

Postage is extra, it's quite a bulky/heavy card but should be able to go 'Airmail' :)

Here is a pic:


The Simms are very large and have damaged some of the simm sockets, but they fit and work fine.

I always had trouble getting SCSI devices to work relaible, the best I had was an old 50pin 4gb SCSI drive, it worked great. Other devices I struggled with, probably due to terminaton, etc.

So the Fastlane is offered free, as is & without any warranty, if you just want the Simms to save on postage you don't have to take it ;)

Lastly, the Fastlane Z3 is a DMA Busmaster, if you have Buster -11 you can only have one DMA Busmaster, so if you run a Deneb in DMA for example this can cause issues, there are other affected cards too so maybe worth some research if you're unsure, such as the A4000T's onboard SCSI.

I did however successfully run this along side a Deneb in DMA on Buster -9 :cool:

Anyways, it's an awesome bit of kit, memory is auto config and will take up to 256mb (if you can find the correct jumper setting) I was only successful with 192mb :whistle:

Here is a shot showing the Ram:


Thanks for looking :)

13th December 2012, 11:41
Price reduced :thumbsup:

15th December 2012, 00:39
Will this work in an A3000D with Buster 11?

I have a Buster 11 on order to upgrade the Version 6, so will it work then?

If so I may be interested.

15th December 2012, 06:12
Phase5 never guaranteed correct operation of the Fastlane in the A3000. I have had 2 Rev 2.2 cards, one works in my 3000 (latest Buster, Ramsey, and DMAC), the other only had working memory.

Fitzsteve's card looks like a Rev 2.4, so you should at least have a decent shot. One thing to consider, you will likely not get Buster 11 mode working correctly, even with Buster 11 installed in the computer. This still means potentially better transfer rates than the A3000 onboard SCSI, albeit at much higher CPU use.

16th December 2012, 06:51
Interested pending shipping to State(s); PM sent.

16th December 2012, 10:43
Indeed my card is rev2.4 :-)

I will get a postage quote this afternoon.

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16th December 2012, 17:21
Money sent!

Merry Holidays.:thumbsup:

17th December 2012, 17:52
Sold to bdb :thumbsup:

Will ship tomorrow - I have a nice strong box now :)

17th December 2012, 18:18

18th December 2012, 14:39
Posted today - will PM tracking info shortly :thumbsup:

25th December 2012, 01:12
Card received, and feedback left (+).

Thanks Much!!:thumbsup:

27th December 2012, 15:41
Awesome :thumbsup:

+ve feedback left :)