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12th December 2012, 20:12
sell this infinitiv keyboard housing.
you can install a standard a1200 keyboard.
theres a little hole on the back.. dont know why.. on/off switch :huh:
if interested can send it with german a1200 keyboard.. +15 euro

20 euro+shipping or near offer


12th December 2012, 20:25
Pm with some questions from me.
Maybe interested.

13th December 2012, 13:28
Interested. 2nd in line.

13th December 2012, 19:35
I made the money transfer, but Flare decide that he will probably keep it.
It is his option, a can do anything about it :roll:

13th December 2012, 19:37
how do you mean you made the money transfer but flare will keep it?

Do you mean you've paid for the item but the seller has decided to keep the money and the item or has the buyer changed his mind about selling the item and refunded the money?

13th December 2012, 19:46
He will possible refund the money for this keyboard, or i will take something else from him. I have already taken an Amiga keyboard (he is selling an A3000 and an A2000 keyboard too), we will find out a solution.

13th December 2012, 19:52
paid for the item but the seller has changed his mind about selling the item

the way i read it

13th December 2012, 19:54
ok guys thanks for the clarification, just trying to make sure the buyer wasn't having a problem is all :)
mariosMSX, if you do have a problem at all you can always contact one of the mods such as johnim.

Thanks John

13th December 2012, 20:01
no .. il only keep the item due to my new plans for seeting up my 1200 tower..
payment send back to mariosmsx..
a3000 keyboard will send tommorow ;)


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item is no longer for sale..