View Full Version : Sold Comp Z.: BigTower for Amiga 3000D and 4000D

13th December 2012, 21:06
For sale is a high quality big tower for Amiga 3000 and 4000.

This great tower is designed for Amiga 3000D and 4000D.

My tower is with the backplate for a Amiga 4000D!
A original PSU for a Amiga 4000D is including and itīs installed on the switch in the front of the tower!

In this tower you can use a longer zorro-riser-card as the original! So its possible to have more zorro or pci-slots!!!

In this tower is a SCSI-Harddisk, a SCSI-CD-Rom-Drive and a IDE-Harddisk included.

Donīt forget: This tower is without mainboard, risercard and cpu-card!

See here for more information:



14th December 2012, 15:04
How much is shipping to Finland?

14th December 2012, 19:04
Shipping for this 18kg monster is 32€ in Europe

15th December 2012, 15:51
This tower is going to Jakodemus.

Waiting for payment!

29th December 2012, 21:34
Jakodemus doesnīt make the paypement and no answers to my mails - so its again for sale

3rd January 2013, 14:13
Money recieved from Jakodemus.
I will make shipping today!