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17th December 2012, 17:44
EDIT - 13/1/12013 - Bundled the lot together and reduced the price to clear it.
EDIT - 13/1/2013 - SOLD R4I & 32GB (JGIDEON)
EDIT - 13/1/2013 - Added White PSPS 1003,, PSP games and have reduced some prices
EDIT - 13/1/2013 - Reduced DSi XL from 70 to 65 delivered
EDIT - 12/1/2013 - Added DSi XL, PSP 1003 & DS Games
EDIT - 12/1/2013 - Added another R4i Gold 3DS.

Please note these are UK only sales due to postage costs.

This is now being sold as one large bundle to clear at a price of (was 115) JUST 108 delivered. If it does not sell tonight then it's on eBay tomorrow.

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A Brown DSi XL handheld console. It is in excellent condition with just the normal fine marks on the glossy cover (as these things tend to have) the rest of the console is immaculate. Its not in mint condition, but its not far off. Comes boxed with manuals, both slim and fat stylus and of course the official charger. There seems to be a lot of room inside the box so I am guessing that there is an insert missing. Also there is some sticker residue on the top of the box.


A Black PSP 1003 (Fat) running 6.60 Pro C (permanent). Its in used condition with those small plastic marks on the screen and a few scratches to the silver ring on the rear, but nothing that is distracting from gameplay.
Screen is in good condition with no dead pixels, the UMD drive works as it should as does the joystick and all buttons.
Was used on the way to and from work for a few months, so got scuffed here and there but it still works fine.

Comes as console, battery and USB lead and USB lead that doubles as a charger. Will also throw in a 1MB Sandisk Pro Duo.


PSP 1003 White. This one is a little more worse for wear.

The problems:

No UMD Drive (it was removed completely)
UMD drawer is loose and cracked in the middle. It also does not have a metal ring
Case is scuffed and marked all over both facia and the rear
Battery cover is broken and needs replacing
Metal trim is worn all over
Front facia has an impact mark on the bottom right, but the screen behind it is ok
There are a few chips in the front facia and on the right and left bumpers.

Now the good bits:

Other than the UMD drive being removed the rest is purely cosmetic
The fact is that it works, albeit it as a CFW machine only
It comes with 6.60 Pro C installed (permanent)
This is a working console but sold for spares.
Console only, no battery, no charger.

Buy a battery and let the kids have the white one, or use it for spare parts (screen, joystick, power port etc)


32GB of PSP memory via a 32GB MircoSD card and Pro Duo adaptor.


PSP Games (All games are UK PAL and complete with manuals)

Crash Of The Titans
Lego Batman
F1 06
Need For Speed Carbon - Own the City (Platinum)
Pro Evolution Soccer 6


Other stuff:

1 x 8MB PS2 memory card. Fully working. Was used as a MCBoot memory card but just needs formatting now.
2 x Official 1MB Sony PS1 memory cards.
2 x Unofficial 1MB Sony PS1 memory cards.



R4i Gold 3DS & 16GB SD card - Fitzsteve
R4i Gold 3DS & 32GB SD card - Jgideon
DS Games - Off site

17th December 2012, 18:46
Hi Simon,

I take the RG Gold, PM en route :thumbsup:


17th December 2012, 22:29
R4i Gold pending to Fitzsteve

PS2/PS1 memory cards reduced to 8 delivered

17th December 2012, 22:51
how does the mcboot thing work (is it still formatted to run this)? Does this allow for import games to be played? Im fed up of doing the disc swap tool.

17th December 2012, 22:53

17th December 2012, 23:13
IIRC the freemcboot needs to be created for each specific PS2, so I doubt it will work with another PS2, but I could be wrong.

17th December 2012, 23:30
Payment sent :thumbsup:

12th January 2013, 03:49
Added another R4i GOLD 3DS with a 32GB micro SD card and reduced the price of the Playstation memory cards.

12th January 2013, 14:04
My R4 Gold arrived safe, sorry forgot to update :Doh:

I've not used it yet! Wife is still playing the Games she got for Xmas :whistle:

12th January 2013, 15:55
Added a few handheld consoles and some memory cards.

12th January 2013, 18:54
Pm sent declaring interest in R4.

13th January 2013, 15:38
PM replied to.

Added another PSP some games and created an exceptional bundle deal to clear it. Also reduced the cost of the DSi XL.

14th January 2013, 21:47
Stuck on Ebay with a few other handhelds and a lower price to clear.

17th January 2013, 00:40
My R4 arrived safely today.
Thanks again.

17th January 2013, 00:49
Forgot about this, please close.

17th January 2013, 00:55
Forgot about this, please close.

Feedback first please.

Dave G :cool: