View Full Version : Closed ZX Sinclair Spectrum + Commodore Amiga 500 + Lots of items (All as new and full working)

19th December 2012, 15:03
Hi guys, i'm selling a big pack including a ZX Sinclair Spectrum + and a Commodore Amiga 500, this two items are boxed and as good as you get (without any yellowing) as new. With this package goes a lot of extras like:

- Sinclair k7 games
- Sinclair Gun
- Sinclair Joystick
- Sinclair adaptor
- 1 x quickshot joystick (for Amiga)
- 1 x quickshot joystick (for PC, but it can be adapted to Amiga)
- Sinclair PSU and TV/Data Recorder cables
- On the Sinclair k7's there's the program: "How to make a Chip" who teaches the basic elements of circuit design for your Sinclair

I'm opening to proposals but i've got something in mind. Please PM me. Cheers.
Shipped from Portugal




Price in euros: 150 euros (shipping included to Europe/UK)

AmiBay'ers, please note that these items are also offfered for Auction on eBay Buy It Now. Z

21st December 2012, 01:47
Declaring Interest, sending PM

22nd December 2012, 11:22
Declaring Interest, sending PM

22nd December 2012, 14:21
edit: never mind, I didnīt read properly.

4th January 2013, 16:05
up.....guys i'm returning home from vacancions on the next week, so i'm still opened to any interest and i will consider the PM's already sended. Cheers

8th January 2013, 03:41
Anyone interested?

8th January 2013, 11:43
I think you have to post a price before people are allowed to declare interest...

8th January 2013, 11:48
I think you have to post a price before people are allowed to declare interest...

The price is on the bottom of post #1

Price in euros: 150 euros (shipping included to Europe/UK)

Dave G :cool:

28th April 2013, 19:44
Hi j_sntos,
still selling these items?
Is the price for shipping to Spain?
Thank you

1st May 2013, 20:08
Declare interest if still avaliable , next in line

6th May 2013, 09:50
Dear seller.
Continue available?

23rd May 2013, 23:39
I was the first declaring interest and still waiting answer to my PM....

You said me within the week, but u didnt say me which week :P :thumbsdown:

Still interested... :thumbsup:

9th June 2013, 12:24
Due to no answer from the seller, INTEREST WITHDRAW :thumbsdown: