View Full Version : Wanted Amiga 3000 psu ntsc

21st December 2012, 02:43

I'm looking for a PSU for my amiga 3000
Must be 120v 60hz ntsc


23rd December 2012, 13:48

23rd December 2012, 14:36

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Dave G :cool:

21st January 2013, 04:24
Have you thought of rebuilding the old one?

31st January 2013, 18:52
yes it is at the shop but the guy is taking a very long time
found a spare one and waiting for it
are you able to repair one

31st January 2013, 18:59
I hope this is not considered hijacking, but since i've been through the same situation, may i suggest you consider modding an ATX psu from a pc?

8th February 2013, 14:26
not that original though but i thought about it thanks

19th February 2013, 00:44
I bought a micro flex ATX power supply that literally fits within the A3000's power supply box. The harness colors differ but all the voltages are there in a 250W package. It will take less than 15 minutes to solder and shrink wrap the A3000's power connector on and once installed will be impossible to tell without looking inside at the wiring.

Would that be an option?

9th July 2013, 03:41
thanks everybody
can close the thread found what I need