View Full Version : Found A4000t, cs ppc, a3000d

21st December 2012, 15:14
I'm looking for (in reasonable money of course):
- A4000T, or
- Cyberstorm PPC (maybe with CV PPCC), or
- Amiga 3000D/T with Commodore 1950/1960 monitor.

Hardware should be complete, in good working (no leaking etc) conditions. Everything depends on costs, so I suppose it's EU only.

Waiting for pics and offers.

Regards and Marry X-mas 2 all!

Mods - please close this thread - I made a deal with Tlosm :) Thanks Mate!

21st December 2012, 18:32
amiga 3000d pm replyed

22nd December 2012, 13:39
amiga 3000d pm replyed

You've got PM!:)

22nd December 2012, 16:03
Like MY topic :thumbsup:

5th September 2013, 20:38
Mods - we can close this thread. I've found what I want, so there's no reason to keep this thread "active". Thanks :)

5th September 2013, 20:47
Was the deal ever happened? Feedback exchanged?

5th September 2013, 20:50
Yap, I bought A3000 from tlosm (from his thread) - You can check the feedbacks (but I bought a lot of things from him :>) - or maybe I should send You some PayPal infos? :>
My intention is to clean-up my threads - and nothing else.

5th September 2013, 20:53
No personal information on public pages, please. But you might agree that there's not much information about the deal in this very page.