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23rd December 2012, 22:29
I have for sale an Apollo 1260/50. The card is in immaculate condition, and working order.

It's originaly equipped with a 75Mhz CPU module (1st photo), but unfortunately it has been damaged (4th, 5th photo).
I think the module is repairable but I'm not a "surgeon".

I'm offering the card with a ceramics (fpga) XC68EC060RC50 (2nd photo) which labeled as "EC" but all software said; it's a full 060 Rev1 (see other attached photos). So please keep this in mind.

Price is 370 € + Postage + Paypal Fees

2nd January 2013, 11:31
New price, now 370 €!

9th January 2013, 00:41
New price, now 370 !

Are you still selling this card?

9th January 2013, 12:25
yes, still available!

9th January 2013, 19:06
yes, still available!

I PMed Mohican

9th January 2013, 22:28
I might be able to repair the 75mhz module

11th January 2013, 15:33

Thanks for your help, but I'll make a separate advertising for the card, and other for the cpu module, because it far from clear that the damaged module is a gift or "paperweight". The card is equipped with an EC060 (maybe "RC") Rev1 and wokrs fine so No need for the CPU module.

14th January 2013, 18:14
Please CLOSE this thread, because I'll make new article for this card with a new CPU and new test images.

Thank you in advance!