View Full Version : Closed PCI-X compatible graphics and sound cards

26th December 2012, 18:39
This is a bit of a long shot but if anyone is going to have one of these, somebody on here will.

I have finally got my Dell 600SC server coughing and spluttering into life today and I am now on the hunt for some upgrades that move it a bit away from being a pure server machine.

It's already got a 54g wireless card in it and now has a Windows 7 Ultimate build on it, running quite nicely all things considered. :)

I'm looking for a PCI graphics card with ideally 128 or 256Mb of memory on it; anything with more memry than that takes you into the AGP era of cards.

This means that I am looking for something around the era of the Nvidia FX 5200 / Radeon 92xx series cards, but the most important thing is this; it must have two slots cut into the card, to make it compatible with PCI-X (not PCI-Express) slots. I have a Riva TNT2 card here with 16Mb that is PCI-X compatible, but I really want more graphics memory if I can find a suitable card.

I'm also on the hunt for a PCI-X compatible sound card, nothing too fancy, but again, it has to be dual-slotted to fit into the PCI-X slots. Some of the Creative range are PCI-X compatible.


8th January 2013, 18:11
is this any good my friend?


8th January 2013, 19:57

That would do quite nicely, Leo; let me know how much and the postage costs and I'll send some beer tokens your way.

Is there anything particular hardware-wise that you are looking for?


8th January 2013, 19:59
nice, PM on the way!