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26th December 2012, 21:59
Hi all,

I'm just trying my luck in case anyone is able to help me. I'm trying to find, for my personal collection:

- A Neo Geo AES
- A Neo Geo Pocket Color
- A Vectrex

at a reasonable price. If a few games are included, I'd also purchase them. eBay is off the charts lately. I'd pay for registered post to Spain.

Thanks for your help in any case and regards,

29th December 2012, 00:01
I have a NeoGeo Pocket Colour & Standard NeoGeo Pocket & Case & Samurai Showdown game all in new, boxed and ofcourse unused condition.

I'm listing them all cause I was thinking of selling them as a lot.

PM me if you're interested. :D

29th December 2012, 11:08
PM Sent :)

30th December 2012, 19:46
Hi all,

I've already found a nice Vectrex for my collection, I'm still after the Neo Geos,

Thanks a million!

23rd January 2013, 17:07
Time for a BUMP, although both the Vectrex and the Neo Geo Pocket have been taken care of :thumbsup:. However, still trying to find a Neo Geo AES (with serial lower than 86k).

Please PM me if you have one to sell,

Thanks and regards!

16th February 2013, 16:51
Found outside amibay, thread can be closed. Thanks!