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28th December 2012, 13:07
From my personal collection of vintage retro laptops I offer this gem:

IBM Thinkpad 240 - smallest laptop in history of IBM Thinkpads

I think I do not need to introduce IBM Thinkpads - they are the best in laptop market.

This model, which I offer is a collectors gem - it is the smallest and most light weight laptor in the history of IBM Thinkpads. (wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ThinkPad#ThinkPad_240). This early sub-notebook -as to say- is powered with Intel Celeron 300 Mhz and is the first Thinkpad, that incorporates MiniPCI slot. Although of its small size, it has all the useful ports such as LPT (parallel), COM (serial), VGA, PS2, USB Audio in, out. The keyboard is comformtable and fine to type. The case is very durable.


Procesor: Intel Celeron 300 Mhz
RAM: PC66 SDRAM SODIMM 64 MB soltered + 1 slot free (now it has totally 128 MB)
Video: Neomagic Magicgraph128XD PCI
LCD: TFT 10,4" Active Truecolor SVGA
Audio: ESS 1946 Solo-1 Audiodrive (PCI) SoundBlaster pro comp.
Modem: Lucent Winmodem 56k, IrDa
Ports: USB, PCMCIA, VGA, LPT, COM, PS2, Ext. FDD, Line In/Out, Mic In

The computer is fully working, instead of original harddrive is installed the CF-card adapter and the 4GB card is installed with Windows 98se. The hdd cover is not original, but suits very well. The batery pack is lasting only a minute or so.

Selling without power adapter (it needs 16V-3,16A). I used the universal charger which I keep for my other laptops..

- Perfect Retro computer, which can run DOS games and even emulators such as Fellow (Amiga) or RAINE (arcade) without any problems - the soundcard is Soundblaster pro compatible even in pure DOS, so everything is working as needed for the Retro fan of collector..

The price is 60 € + PP (Europe only). Paypal as a gift.







28th December 2012, 13:12
Does it have 1 or 2 PS/2 ports?

28th December 2012, 14:13
It has 1 PS/2 port, but probably allows using Y cables to have both mouse/keyboard connected.

17th January 2013, 13:59
Price reduction to 70 €.

31st January 2013, 00:27
Price reduction to 65 €.

15th February 2013, 21:42
Last price reduction, now only 60 €.. If theres no interest I will offer it on thinkpad forums than..

22nd February 2013, 13:47
Thread can be closed. Due to no interest I am selling it elsewhere.