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29th December 2012, 08:52
Amiga hardware for sale or swap

Commodore Amiga 2000 B complete and working
2 x internal 3.5" diskette drive
commodore 2301 genlock

mouse and keyboard
gvp scsi controller A2000 + 8 mb + 240 mb harddrive

looking for 120 € + postages
or swap with Indivision AGA 1200 MK2 scan doubler

29th December 2012, 09:03
Price for Amiga 2000 mb? I'd like some photos of it and i'm declaring interest.

29th December 2012, 10:17
Interested in the Merlin board.
May i have pictures?

29th December 2012, 10:25

I daclare instrest in Merlin on your other thread (yesterday) .

Best regards

Mods I think that Merlin is sold to me but you must confirm that with the seller :)

29th December 2012, 12:34
How comes that the same item is for sale in multiple threads?

29th December 2012, 12:40
! i have deleted the one sales treat so i only have this one

29th December 2012, 20:01
Would be interested in:
1 x alfaram 2 - 8 mb, price 30 € * 2 mb ram installed

Is that OK?

29th December 2012, 22:02
alfaram, i have no amiga 500
i cannot test this, but i cannot see any reason this not will working corectly

30th December 2012, 08:52
Price is not available for Amiga 2000 mainboard.

1st January 2013, 08:36
Again, what is the price for Amiga 2000 motherboard?

1st January 2013, 14:43
postages to greece is 40 € - 58 € include power
price for mainboard 40 € - 50 € include power

this include mainboard + power unit 220 volt

i will test with power on
and maby i find diskettedrive to connect


1st January 2013, 15:03
Hi Again, P&P to Poland for the AlfaRam?


1st January 2013, 15:10
280 dkr = ~ 38 €

1st January 2013, 16:22
Thank you. No longer interested.

3rd January 2013, 06:05
Interest withdraw for Merlin . Im very sorry but I just got CV 64 from my friend .

4th January 2013, 06:43
harddisk various size add


4th January 2013, 09:33
Is it my turn for the Merlin?
Please let me know why it need to be tested.

4th January 2013, 10:10
This card operate normally in my old A4000D without any errors
( i will make some pictures later today )

this GFX RTG card runs with picasso 96 and have all 060 / PPC fix

http://amiga.resource.cx/exp/merlin ( se notes )
fix made by http://www.ingenieurbuero-riedel.de/merlin.htm

Software are copy from amibay + original disk
Documenation are copy from Riedel
! Se pictures for details




4th January 2013, 14:52
merlin swap with working A1200T or
Amiga 2000 GVPscsi swap with A1200T

Complete case ( without mainboard accepted )

4th January 2013, 15:12
I'm going to send you details about my available FAST ATA 1200. If it is no good for the swap, please send me your Paypal details for payment.

4th January 2013, 20:35
Xanxi (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?u=2421) are your FastATA version IV and with SATA / CF adapter ?

5th January 2013, 15:36
# 6 sold
Xpert merlin GFX RTG grapic card
4 mb version with 060 fix and working, 060 fix made by http://www.ingenieurbuero-riedel.de/
schmacic / software DL + original software + cable

looking for 125 € + postages
or swap with fastata 1200 mk iv ide cf/sata

*SOLD* to Xanxi (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?u=2421)
Wating payment ( 130 € include postages ) IBAN
or 157 € include postages + paypal

* more Amiga hardware for sale *

# 8 no longer for sale

MacroMedia Vlab 1.3 and Vlab Motion 1.2
( Vlab motion 1.2 are completely identical with version 1.3 ) same components as i can see
and also useng accurate same software ( maby this card are result of an update from V 1.2 to 1.3 ?


Asking for 50 € for ( Vlab + Motion ) 100 € include postages to EU

# 9 no longer for sale

LOLA 4020 ( BNC video )
( version with only 1 BNC ) video output


Asking for 30 + postages

6th January 2013, 13:03
PayPal Request send to Xanxi

7th January 2013, 20:53
Payment made for the Xpert merlin GFX RTG grapic card
4 mb version with 060 fix and working, 060 fix made by http://www.ingenieurbuero-riedel.de/
schmacic / software DL + original software + cable


17th January 2013, 06:24
I have received the Merlin board fast. However the board was not protected in an anti-static bag, it was just amongst a bunch of papers, that's unusual.
So i will leave feedback only after i have tested the board.

17th January 2013, 12:13
Its not clear if you do or do not have the A2000 motherboard still. If so interested pending delivery charges.

17th January 2013, 16:14
yes the merlin card was well protected in newspaper bag.
Test your card and give me feedback, by the way thank for the trade.

/ Alpehut

17th January 2013, 18:50
Is my post visible?

17th January 2013, 21:32
I have just tested the XPert Merlin board in my A500Plus with zorro side slot and it seems to be detected fine. I assume it is working but i won't install it in my A2000 before next week, so leaving feedback now. Thanks.

17th January 2013, 22:31
Thanks for the trade
Thanks for feedback

/ Alpehut

19th January 2013, 01:59
alpehut, would you please merge post #22 into post #1. It would be helpful for Mods to follow the thread.

Thank you.

24th January 2013, 17:24
Are you sure that the Merlin board has been fixed for 68060?
I have installed it in my A2000 in replacement of my GVP Spectrum, i have setup compatible screenmodes for my TFT, but i have a lot of garbage and freezes. Seems like the 68060 CPU problem...

24th January 2013, 19:25

This chip should be marked as 25-2 if the 060 fix was made, according to the author website.
So, the so-called hardware fix has been made, but not the 060 fix.
I am not pleased at all. I can't get the card to work and i lost several hours trying ot. The seller said the 060 fix was made.

24th January 2013, 21:52
@Alpehut: you connected to Amibay tonight but did not answer my posts. We need an answer here about that 060 fix please.

25th January 2013, 09:00
Alpehut, have you experienced similar problems with the card. Are these easily fixable problems?

25th January 2013, 11:22
we have payed for tiis fix and are a 060 fix, i have maby some documents showing this, i will see if i still have this.

25th January 2013, 17:06
Thank you, could you please also see if you know of any reason for why Xanxi is experiencing the problems he is?

25th January 2013, 18:00

this graphicscard are made a full 060fix and was running on my 060 machine
and also proper on the phase 5 PPC board


i will find out if we still have document showing this card was fixed
but this are maby no longer i the firm any longer, i will see if i can find invoice
showing this.

/ Alpehut

i never had any problems with this card, and was working perfectly for me

25th January 2013, 18:02
At http://www.ingenieurbuero-riedel.de/merl_faq.txt, we can read:

9. How can I see if the 060 update is done?
On IC25 should be written: "25-2"
If there is only "25" or nothing then the 060-fix isn't done
The 060-Fix is included in the normal update since april 1996.

I have posted a picture with a big "25" on that chip, no 25-2.
So it is perfectly clear that the 060 fix has not been made.

The wires soldered at the back and the 3 hand written chips confirm that the "hardware fix" has been made, but the board lacks the 060 fix.
Unfortunately, i only have 68060 boards, and i am not willing to downgrade to use the Merlin.
I have bought in confidence the board, but now we have to found a solution either to get that board fix or reverse the trade.

25th January 2013, 18:15
i will se if can find the old documentation from riedel, problems are Riedel not have anything on this graphicscard so they can΄t lookback to find out.

working proper in my Amiga 4000 / PPC add so if
this fix are not done i think the card will not working in PPC
"not the case, workinf fine in my PPC"

? what kind of problems do you have.
* maby not the greatist Graphics card but are working

25th January 2013, 18:19
I have mailed Ingenieurbuero Riedel and he's going to confirm the 060 fix is missing, and if the replacement chips can be bought i am counting on you to pay for them. Otherwise, as the card is working for you, you are welcome to take it back.
I am experiencing all the problems mentionned in the FAQ: graphical glitches, random colors, freezes and crashes. This A2000 is 100% stable without that board.

Again, just read the FAQ:

9. How can I see if the 060 update is done?
On IC25 should be written: "25-2"
If there is only "25" or nothing then the 060-fix isn't done
The 060-Fix is included in the normal update since april 1996

Pic is upside-down, that's not 52 , that's 25.

25th January 2013, 18:40
send me prices for 060 fix PM
if i see the price are to high i rater have it back

have you looking for "refresh" jumper, under sim ramslot
i this are not set correct i will make crashes to the system

Amiga 4000 040 will not effect this crash only Amiga 3000 / and 2000
i think this are problems with Zorro 2 slot and remember to set
jumper J1 to zorro 2 if you are using Amiga with Z2

have you read the docu i delicered, a copy from riedel
In fact forkare you to set the jumpers right to get it to run

26th January 2013, 16:43
Mr. Riedel has answered my email and he confirms that the board lacks the 25-2 chip for the 060 fix. He can sell me a replacement chip and i have already paid 11,78 EUR for it to replace it myself.

26th January 2013, 20:16
but now we have to found a solution either to get that board fix or reverse the trade

i will pay 12 € send me PM for info wher i can send money 2

/ Alpehut

27th January 2013, 10:21

Mr. Riedel selling ( original ) usermanual to this card.
i was able to get a copy from him, you can ask if he still have one left

27th January 2013, 11:10
I confirm that i have received your money for the chip.
Now i just have to wait for the replacement chip to arrive.

31st January 2013, 11:51
Here is the 25-2 chip from Riedel.
Will install it soon.