View Full Version : Closed Prometheus Set for Cybervision 64

29th December 2012, 17:26
due the lack of place in my A3000D :mad: i decided to back to the classic-classic variant of my setup, so i'm offering for a SWAP my Prometheus PCI busboard set with VooDoo3/16MB, S3Virge/4MB, Realtek 8029 Ethernet card and PCI riser card. All is 100% working and in very good condition. I'm looking for Cybervision 64 or similar with pass-through port. I don't know... maybe a Piccolo SD64 or Spectrum 110/24 is a good variant too...

Photos - well, i don't want to open and pull these things out over and over again, but if someone wants i can record a movie with working setup :thumbsup: