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29th December 2012, 21:21

I need to copy 3 new eproms for a Maestro Pro 1.1+ Amiga soundcard. Theses eproms are missing on my board. I can find new one.

I search someone who own this board for a loan and someone who is able to copy original eproms on my new eproms.

Of course, I will pay for both services (to be determined). To loan the Maestro Pro I offer a complete guarantee (via PAYPAL) sending the corresponding soundcard value to the owner.

Thank you for reading.

29th December 2012, 21:57
sorry, i don't look eprom on this board, only 3 gal, insert a photo, please

29th December 2012, 23:08
I join a photo of my board. You can see three missing eproms. On Amiga Resource you can see them: http://amiga.resource.cx/photos/maestropro,1

I think the eproms in question are : 2x GAL16V8-25LNC and 1x GAL16V8S-20HB1. Right?

Thanks for looking.

30th December 2012, 01:31
1)If PAL/GAL has "read protection" set, you can not copy them. Just can't
2)"complete guarantee (via PAYPAL)" could you please provide more information?

30th December 2012, 06:58
1) Ok, it would be bad news for me
2) Sorry, I use a language that is not native for me. I have not the original eproms I want to copy then I need to find someone who can lend me. I know it is a risk for the owner : I propose a security deposit to him during the process copy.

Of course, the best would be a person able to copy the eproms and who own the Maestro Pro.

30th December 2012, 17:29
maybe you can find some help on one of the pages


31st December 2012, 17:47
If you can find original .jedec files then send it to me via email, I can program the three GALs.


2nd January 2013, 22:00
Thank you for this. I understand I need to obtain a the jedec files from a Maestro Pro owner. Is there a mean to copy the two GAL16V8-25LNC and the GAL16V8S-20HB1 eproms using a specific software (on Amiga)?

Thank you.

2nd January 2013, 22:15
normally the gal and pal are copy protect

the autor of project have the jedec, the jedec is the source file compiled for gal or pal, without jedec is impossible repair your maestro