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31st December 2012, 16:47
I am selling this gateway to arcade world as it is no longer needed for me. I took the step forward and bought an actual arcade cabinet.

I originally bought it from this thread:

Below the picture are my listed prices for everything. Listed prices do not include shipping and fees.


X-arcade dual stick, the main unit with ps2/usb cables for pc: This is heavy so shipping cost may be significant depending on where you live. Please ask and I will get you a quote. Condition is very good, looks like new. 90 euros / RESERVED to ByteRyder (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?u=4466) for 120 euros shipped

Adapter: X-Arcade 5in1 (Wii, PS2, PS1, Gamecube, Dreamcast) 25 euros
Works great as tested with Dreamcast and Gunlord.

Adapter: Tototek PS2 to SNES 10 euros each
Not tested with PS2 pad. Tested by daisy chaining this to the above 5in1 adapter. For some reason only one of these work at a time. If I connect 2 then start button of player two is stuck on all the time so the game goes to pause and back and cant be played. This problem is reflected in pricing. This maybe just some kind of compatibility problem or problem with my particular heavily haxxored snes. (Even the controller ports of my snes are modded to make all region controllers work)

Adapter: Tototek PS2 to Neo Geo 15 euros each
New, unopened. I ordered these but then realized I really dont want to use this x-arcade with neo geo after all. Buyers remorse. I can either sell them as new and unopened or test to confirm if they work before sending if you want to make such a request.

Note to everyone
You need to add shipping+paypal costs to the prices.
Please ask for a shipping quote if interested and I will get back to you.

Note to buyers outside european union
You need to add money transfer costs so you may find that you have to pay a bit more in your currency to make it so that I actually get the correct amount in euros. Sometimes paypal can use unfair exchange rates. This I can not help. Also note: after you have paid me and after I have sent you the items, you still may or may not need to pay taxes or customs fees to your customs officials depending on where you live. This comes down to luck and local customs tendencies and laws.

For this sale to make sense though I would probably not send the whole thing to USA because it would make more sense for you to buy a new one there. However if you want one of the adapters, Iīm sure they can be sent cheap enough and with no customs fees for such small items.

IBAN money transfers and Paypal payments are accepted.

edit: Be adviced, I will be selling these on the neo geo forum too.

31st December 2012, 21:12
Interested. PM with question.

31st December 2012, 22:12
The main unit is on hold for ByteRyder (http://www.amibay.com/member.php?u=4466) pending me checking postage costs.

2nd January 2013, 15:54
Stick is available again. Postage to continental europe is 30 euros.
Postage to UK is 38 euros.

There will be no price drops. Items will be available for one more week starting from now. After that I will pull these from sale here and sell in local auction site.

3rd January 2013, 07:10
Interested for the lot, pm on the way.

7th January 2013, 22:56
Sale hasnīt gone through with HeZoR either during sensible amount of time.
I have gotten some offers in pm...

Anyone who now declares interest after this message will be first in line.

also: Iīd rather deal with buyer in person instead of selling it to some forum memberīs friend.

7th January 2013, 22:57
Sale hasnīt gone through with HeZoR either during sensible amount of time.
I have gotten some offers in pm...

Anyone who now declares interest after this message will be first in line.

I got no response from friend so pass on.

7th January 2013, 22:59
Ok, no problem :thumbsup:


Actually, Iīll reserve this to ByteRyder for 24 hours because he has sent me another pm and may not be awake right now.
Technically I think he should re-declare interest but I donīt want to be too technical :D

14th January 2013, 10:49
This will be sold elsewhere, please close