View Full Version : Sold Yamaha SCSI-IDE adapter

1st January 2013, 23:14
As pictured & fully tested & working, I'm looking for 45 + P&P

I've tested it with CSMkII/MkIII/PPC SCSI, WarpEngine SCSI, A4000T SCSI & BPPC SCSI. All work fine with my 20gb Seagate IDE drives. :)

Should work on other SCSI devices too :thumbsup:


2nd January 2013, 00:10
Declaring interest. I will send you a message in a moment.

2nd January 2013, 00:11
Second in line declaring interest

2nd January 2013, 01:13
Shipping to Holland will be 3.50 by Airmail, I have two if you want one each :)

PM's coming :thumbsup:

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Sold to EFTPOTRM, will post tomorrow :thumbsup:

2nd January 2013, 01:14
Shipping may be combined if Berry joins in; thus first planet-friendly act of 2013. :ninja: Thank you. :thumbsup:

2nd January 2013, 10:39
2nd unit sold to Berry and will be posted with EFTPOTRM's as agreed :)

2nd January 2013, 15:12
Adapters posted :thumbsup:

Airmail normally take 3-5 days, maybe a little longer if they still have any seasonal backlogs :)

9th January 2013, 16:47
I have received the package with both adapters yesterday. Thank you! I will give Berry a visit soon to hand over his adapter. :thumbsup:

9th January 2013, 17:36
That's great news :thumbsup: