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1st January 2013, 23:33
I have "inherited" a whole lot of computer gear I am attempting to sell on TradeMe (a well known web site for second hand items in New Zealand, and somewhat Australia). Being based in NZ it is not worth postage for a lot of the rest of the world.

Just want to bring it to the attention of the NZ/AUS guys attention on this board. Have a lot of stuff I want to shift and have already loaded on TradeMe

Amiga A500
Amiga A600
Amiga A1200
Commodore 64 games
Commodore Printers
Plus many, many more to come.

Heads up.

Totally confess to being an amateur with Amiga so any questions will be welcomed.


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Now that I have one submission:



1st January 2013, 23:36

I'm sorry but all amibay items for sale must have a price, please amend your thread.


1st January 2013, 23:41
Links to auction sites that are not Buy it Now are also not allowed. Please take some time to read the rules (http://www.amibay.com/misc.php?do=cfrules) and we welcome your items for sale at Amibay once your thread comforms with the site's selling rules (http://www.amibay.com/misc.php?do=cfrules).

All the best,


2nd January 2013, 04:01
Hi mate,

As @mjnurney & @fitzsteve saids, AmiBay is not an auction site and you must follow the rules to sell anything here.

Please read the rules :readit: and open new thread/s (if you want, of course) or PM me to reopen this one.

I will close this thread now.