View Full Version : Sold Blizzard Cyberstorm BVision PPC 68060/50 PPC 603e 240MHz + BVision + SCSI

2nd January 2013, 13:45

selling here my Blizzard in a perfect condition.

The Board is equipped with an MC68060/50 and an PPC 603e with 240MHz. 256MB Ram is installed (2x128MB), SCSI-Controller is onboard.

The Grafix-Board is a classic CS BVision how all you know it:

Original Driverdisks for booth CPU-Board and the Graficsboard are also included.
Pics are from the sytsem i setted up. (classi OS4.1 works great, OS3.9 too) :thumbsup:

Asking 1200 + pp + shipping for this gem !

Sold to Razzly!

This offer includes now an original OS4.1 Classic ... :thumbsup:

EDIT: i also offered this on ebay. the commununity should know this... Its an auction an no selling. I hope, this is all right. So the community is preferred till sunday the twelfed. Then i must cancel the offer here.


3rd January 2013, 15:21
Price dropped!

3rd January 2013, 19:00
... an OS4.1 Classic added to the package... :D

3rd January 2013, 20:13
how usable is 4.1 with your setup ? some say that one needs a next gen amiga for this, even the 604e seems not be fast enough ?

3rd January 2013, 20:20
my setup works stable and perfect. Installed booth OS4.1 and OS3.9 at the same HDD. Installing Process is tricky, but all you need you can find here at ami oracle:


at least i figured it out ... :)

3rd January 2013, 22:20
If you just want to boot 4.1 and "look at the beautiful icons and cool wallpapers I have on my 1200" then I guess is just fine.
For anything more than this a nextgen Amiga is needed.

3rd January 2013, 22:27
this is your opinion and your experience. but believe me, there is more than this possible. Just ask this board... :)
My experience - for instance with conflict freespace - was a great one... :D

4th January 2013, 00:02
Sweet dream...
I want this setup, but cannot afford it. :(

4th January 2013, 03:24
If you just want to boot 4.1 and "look at the beautiful icons and cool wallpapers I have on my 1200" then I guess is just fine.
For anything more than this a nextgen Amiga is needed.

and how about playing heretic 2 or ppc demos, how much slower is the 603 vs the 604, and the bvisionppc vs the cvisionppc ?

6th January 2013, 21:57
what kind of 68060 cpu is on this blizzard is it a motorola our a clone cant finde much info of cpu when i look at picture:p

9th January 2013, 05:14
"i think, i also sell the fully equipped Infinitive-Tower including A1200 Board, DVD-ROM, PSU, FDD etc. too. Wold be 300. If you agree, you can get the complete and working system for 1500. But you should be fast. because of some other PPC offers here at the board, i offerd the PPC on ebay too. And the feedback since the first hour (i offerd this at 20:1

my offe here and let it flow at evilbay ... please do not misunderstand me - i do not want to extort you! But it seems, that evilbay offers better opportunities at this time..."

Not interested in that but good luck to your sale on ebay:coffee:

10th January 2013, 16:13
I have sent pm

If no one is in line i am very interested..:D

10th January 2013, 18:13
Sold to Razzly! So this gem goes to sweden... I hope, it will get a good new home... goodbye:sick: