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2nd January 2013, 20:05

I'm selling my A600, it comes with box and poly's (need the space :()
- the Box is in reasonable condition, has some tape on it.
- the A600 is nice white, it has never been opened the factory seals at
the bottom is 100% intact, on the side it has litte marks.
- there is a mark off the middle screw on the upper side off the keyboard,
see pics
- it comes with a 4,5A A500 PSU [orginal PSU died along time ago]
- no mouse
- a few workbech books, and games (no wb) disks

Price 60,00

Expect heavy postage on this item, around 30-35 in europe pending on location.

High Rez pics on request.

I'm also offer this locally so this one is not exclusive to amibay.

Thanks for looking

2nd January 2013, 20:28
I'm interested first in line.

EDIT: I've see the image with more attention interested withdraw, sorry.

2nd January 2013, 20:46
interested, shipping to belgium shouldn't be that high ?

2nd January 2013, 21:06
interested, shipping to belgium shouldn't be that high ?

PM send with postage costs :readit:

19th January 2013, 06:53
price drop

20th January 2013, 11:04
With what Kickstart? Can it be booted from HD? Kickstart 2.05?

21st January 2013, 10:15
intressed! pm send.....

21st January 2013, 10:55
Reserved pending payment..

intressed! pm send.....

22nd January 2013, 05:45
payment send! Thx...

26th January 2013, 08:43
Recieved..... Nice one!!! Thanks.

26th January 2013, 19:21
both sides have left feedback so this topic/thread can be closed :thumbsup: