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3rd January 2013, 13:48
Two classic Pong machines for sale, both about 1977/78 vintage:

Binatone Colour TV Game MK10 - SOLD (off site)
Plays 10 games, 8 pong type and two shooting games.
Two analogue joysticks that store clipped into the case but remove for play. This is one of the later type machines that allow horizontal as well as vertical movement of the paddle.
Original release date 1978.

Unit is in clean and very good condition, fully working. It's boxed with manual and guarantee card (never filled in). If I'm being picky there is a mark where it appears something hot has briefly been placed on it, but it is very slight and I've tried to show this in the pictures below. Also worth noting that this unit was never supplied with a mains PSU as it was intended to run off batteries, there is a socket on the back for an external unit which it works fine from (not included).
RF output only (PAL).


Videomaster Visionscore - SOLD
Plays three games.
Built in controls and external remote controls.
Original release date 1977.
Fully working.

A bit of a rarer unit this one. Has controls built into the unit and external plug in controls (you do however need to turn the main units controls all the way to the left to use the remote ones!). Unfortunately missing it's PSU, but runs fine from a generic universal unit (not included). Very good clean condition, boxed but no manuals.
RF output only (PAL).


Pictures (apologies for poor screen shots):


7th January 2013, 18:31
Hi would like to buy the visionscore at 20 if still available.

8th January 2013, 08:22
Videomaster sold to Ryansinn and payment received. Many thanks!

Binatone machine still available:)

24th January 2013, 21:02
Binatone now sold off Amibay.

All Pongs now gone...