View Full Version : For Sale Sotmodded Wii full bundle.

3rd January 2013, 14:57
I'm selling my Wii as it just doesn't get used anymore.
I've owned this from brand new so it's been looked after.
Its been softmodded on firmware 4.3E so plays backups from discs or external USB storage.
It comes with:
2 official controllers
1 official nunchuck controller
1 official retro controller
2 steering wheels, 1 official, 1 third party
1 gun controller holder.
Wii charge station which the Wii sits in and it charges controllers via the Wii power.
Sensor bar
New and unused Wii dance mat.

Wii fit plus
Super swing golf
House of the dead 1&2
Carnival Funfair Games
Big beach sports
Red steel
High school musical
Alone in the dark

65 posted for the lot in the UK

Payment via bank transfer.

1st February 2013, 01:52
Bump :)

5th February 2013, 22:28
how much for the console without the dance mat? and have you got the NAND backed up incase i update the apps on the wii?

5th February 2013, 23:22
It comes as a bundle i'm afraid...dance mat is no good to me without the Wii.

Yes nand is backed up and i can provide this on a dvd with the Wii.

5th February 2013, 23:24
@pheonixace: No asking for splitsies, mate ;)

6th February 2013, 01:57
i am new here its a honest mistake

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ill pass on that sorry

8th February 2013, 13:33
Please close, daughter wants it :thumbsup: