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4th January 2013, 11:17

I've decided to let me Amiga Technologies A4000T back into the wild.

I will be very sad to see it go but I know it will go to another Amigan who will give it a good home.

The A4000T comes with all the original Disks/Manuals and spare brackets for fitting HDD's, etc. There are other useful spares such as NOS Audio & SCSI boards (untested) should you need them in the future.

It comes with the original A4000T Keyboard & I will find a suitable Mouse/Joystick to include. I'll also include a few boxed Games/Apps & some extra Floppy's to get you started.

The spec is basic so ideal for a project base, I'll include an A3630 so you can see it working and a SCSI HDD installed with OS3.1 ready to boot up.

The Roms are 3.1 and it has Buster -11. The original FDD is included (working) and I can let you have a SCSI CDROM as well.

The case could do with refurbishing if I'm honest as there are some scratches to the casing and a small dent on one side (more of a ripple really, but it's there)

The Door is fully functional, there are no cracks in the plastic or Window. The plastics are however slightly yellowed with age.

The Motherboard was re-capped by Hikey when I first got it including the Audio and SCSI boards. The sound and RGB outputs are perfect!

The Zorro slots seem to be quite worn from the years. She is quite happy with full length Zorro cards but does not like smaller cards like the Highway USB. It would be advantageous for the buyer to have new slots fitted at some stage to avoid connection issues as I have had to re-seat cards on quite a few occasions.

I will take pics later as I have to strip out my Zorro cards.

Once I dig out all the bits and bobs this will be quite a comprehensive setup and is probably best collected so you can see it working but I do have a large box here it might squeeze into, I will have to check on shipping costs, expect shipping to be outrageously expensive though outside the UK.

For the A4000T as described above I'm looking to 800 plus shipping costs.

Thanks for looking.

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I'm yet to strip down the A4000T, but you can see a Video that I just recorded to demonstrate it working:


5th January 2013, 16:06
Hi Folks, here are lots of pics, as you can see it's a very comprehensive setup.

The SCSI HDD and CDROM will need connecting and setting up, but I'm guessing the buyer will have his/her own idea's! The 030 is installed so you can boot it up, the HDD semi boots CWB68k but needs the Workbench Library copying over. (It's not in the A4000T Rom)

I have maxed out the Motherboard with 16mb Fast Ram (2x 8mb)

As you can see the chassis is complete but could use some TLC, I've also pictured the software/manuals & spare boards/bits & bobs that come with it, everything you see is included :thumbsup:


















Thanks for looking.

5th January 2013, 21:31
A sweet machine indeed!
-If I win the lottery I will be bashing down your door.

Good luck with the sale!

7th January 2013, 00:17
I'm dropping the price of this by a massive 50 which will go a long way towards paying shipping costs! I will also try to include lots of extra goodies if the item is collected such as peripherals and software.

The new price is therefore 750 + P&P :o

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A sweet machine indeed!
-If I win the lottery I will be bashing down your door.

Good luck with the sale!

I hope you win :lol:

11th January 2013, 10:00
I'm putting this sale on hold due to the lack of interest I'm going to fully refurbish the A4000T

I have offered it in a wanted thread already so I will continue negotiating in with that person and update that thread if we come to a deal.