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4th January 2013, 15:39

This is the story..
My Blizzard 1230 MK-III 50 MHz was working fine when I boxed my A1200 around 1999/2000. I then tried booting up around 2007 but the card had stopped working :( I couldn't even get to the boot menu. Once I pull out the card the A1200 works fine.

I read somewhere that the pins on the female connector can get weak so I found a screwdriver and carefully pushed them towards the middle so they would get a better grip. Unfortunately, pushing the card in with too much force resulted in a bent pin that was pushed back towards the inside of the connector :picard

I'm unable to straighten the pin myself and was thinking of getting a new 150-pin replacement socket but they're obviously very hard to get. I'm hoping it's only the pin giving me trouble and that the card still works. I changed the battery some weeks ago, just in case that was the problem. There are no indications of leakage or rust on the card.

Any tips from the community, or even better: Can someone fix this card, and at what price? :)


4th January 2013, 17:17
i may (may) be able to help. i'll pm you later..


4th January 2013, 18:16
have you checked that the pin is not just a ground?

22nd January 2013, 15:25
Hi, no pm received yet.. :)

22nd January 2013, 15:30
apart from the card not working,did you try it the way it was in the second pic(when you was trying it in the first place)?:)