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4th January 2013, 20:20
wanted ssd drive

For this is for the ssd drive scrappysphinx has offered me here so feedback can be exchanged


i have sent payment of 50 inc pp

4th January 2013, 20:25
Payment has been received and here are pics of the SSD.

Drive is currently blank with no partitions as i had to remove the partitions to issue a secure erase. Secure erase was successful as shown in the screens below. Also shown is the estimated drive life and health and smart status.

Drive is boxed with all packaging and mounting screws. only thing missing is the 2.5-3.5 mounting plate as i used this in my desktop with a different ssd.

Will be posted tomorrow if i can make the post office before they close at lunch time or Monday failing that.

Thanks John

4th January 2013, 20:33
Thanks mike

9th January 2013, 23:40
installed in lappy feels like new machine cheers mate

feedback left

10th January 2013, 07:27
Glad you're happy John.

Feedback returned

10th January 2013, 08:27
Thanks mike