View Full Version : Sold Amiga 600/1gb/4mb Fast Ram/Indivision ECS

5th January 2013, 04:51
To help me fund a scandoubler for my A1200 I need to sell off my A600, it comes in ok condition, there is a chip on the back left side and the clips inside are broken so I am using some packing tape to keep it sealed (I will take it off and clean it before shipping), it also has Kipper2K`s 4mb fast ram upgrade, A604 1mb chip and Indivision ECS scan doubler which works beautifully. It also has an Amiga Technologies mouse, the case is not yellowed but not brand new white either, it could do with a bit of clean. There is no PSU but I if a UK buyer buys this I can have one sent from my UK house to them if there is still a spare one. I am looking for 105.00 O.N.O + shipping.

5th January 2013, 06:14
interested ! I was actually looking for an a600 so it'll be great to source it locally ! sending pm ...

5th January 2013, 08:52
Great, I was hoping to send locally too :) PM replied and already packed lol

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Sold to Coze, will be shipped on Monday :)

7th January 2013, 03:23
Payment received and shipped on Saturday from 7 Eleven combini.

8th January 2013, 01:19
all received nice and dandy ! Leaving feedback ! Thanks !