View Full Version : Wanted Blizzard 1260 MC68060 for A1200

6th January 2013, 12:39

I am looking for fully functioning not overclocked Blizzard 1260 (boxed, with operational manual etc.)
I would like to use in classic Amiga 1200 Desktop (not tower)
Any suggestions welcome

I will pay via PayPal.com

Thank you

6th January 2013, 13:07

If you are looking for original and non-overclocked Blizzard 1260 then it will be equipped with XC68060RC50; not MC.
Some DCE models have just "68060" or "060" marking on CPU.

If it will be with MC68060RC50 CPU you can be 100% sure that CPU is not original (though MC are always better than XC).

Good luck with your search!

12th January 2013, 16:45
Still looking for Blizzard 1260 (mmu, fpu) to use in Amiga 1200 desktop
up :)

19th January 2013, 13:31
I saw your no one? subtitle and felt a pang of compassion ;-)

I have sent you a PM :-)

19th January 2013, 13:36
replied PM
waiting for ShadieB